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Cave rescue: Boys and football coach free from Tham Luang

Cave rescue: Boys and football coach free from Tham Luang

Jumpers in northern Thailand have safeguarded every one of the 12 young men and their football mentor from overwhelmed holes, 17 days after they got caught underground. 

Their situation and the monstrous, perilous three-day-long task to free them grasped the world's consideration.

The gathering was cut off on 23 June after overwhelming downpours overflowed their way pull out.

They were found by British jumpers a week ago, crouched in obscurity on an edge in the midst of fears they could be compelled to remain there for quite a long time until the point that water retreated.

There were cheers as a challenging salvage task including many jumpers and several other safeguard laborers reached an end on Tuesday evening.

Buckle safeguard as it happened 

Safeguard story in pictures 

Who are the Thai young men? 

Who are the Thailand buckle safeguard jumpers? 

In a sign of how unsafe the excursion out was, a previous Thai naval force jumper passed on in the holes on Friday. Saman Gunan was coming back from a mission to give the gathering air tanks when he came up short on oxygen.

Matured between around 11 and 17, the individuals from the Wild Boars football group had entered the Tham Luang buckle framework in the area of Chiang Rai amid a journey with their mentor. 

Affirming the fruition of the safeguard activity, the Thai Navy Seals Facebook page reported: "Each of the 12 Wild Boars and mentor have been removed from the surrender. All are sheltered."

Also, at the house just underneath the mountains where the men who run the Wild Boars meet, there was chuckling, yells and cheers - and individuals shook turns in an exceptionally un-Thai way, says the BBC Jonathan Head.

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