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Macron aide Benalla: French police quizzed over assault video

Macron aide Benalla: French police quizzed over assault video

Three French policemen are being addressed for supposedly spilling security film of an occurrence in which a presidential associate beat up a demonstrator in May, French media say. 

This week Alexandre Benalla was uncovered as the assailant appeared on a video of the attack taken by a dissident. 

The officers are associated with discharging security pictures to Mr Benalla to attempt to demonstrate his honesty, the reports say. 

The French administration has been blamed for neglecting to act quickly against him. 

Inside Minister Gérard Collomb has been summoned to answer inquiries in the National Assembly on Monday. 

The three policemen arrested on Saturday are senior individuals from the Paris open request directorate, AFP news organization reports. 

They were suspended on Friday. 

Shouldn't something be said about Mr Benalla? 

He has been sacked by the administration. On Friday, President Emmanuel Macron's office said it had settled on the choice after "new realities" rose for the situation. 

Mr Benalla is being addressed over the recording of a lady and a man being beaten amid May Day challenges. 

The video was posted via web-based networking media at the time. Yet, the case turned into a political embarrassment after Le Monde daily paper uncovered that the aggressor, who is indicated wearing a police protective cap, was Mr Benalla. 

A previous guardian of Mr Macron, he was procured as a helper to the president's head of staff after a year ago's race. 

Mr Benalla faces allegations of strike and mimicking a cop. 

In May, a couple of days after the episode, he was allowed a fourteen day suspension, however nothing was accounted for to prosecutors. 

The BBC's Hugh Schofield in Paris says this recommends Mr Macron's office may have just known about his activities. 

What occurred on May Day? 

The occurrence occurred in a mainstream vacationer spot in Paris' Latin Quarter where around 100 individuals had assembled. 

The first video demonstrates a man wearing a police head protector, yet not in uniform, joining CRS revolt police after conflicts emitted.

He gets a lady by the neck, running after her the road, before both vanish off camera. 

In the blink of an eye a while later he comes back to the scene, assaulting another dissenter who had been conveyed a short separation by police before being allowed to sit unbothered on the ground.

The man in the protective cap can be seen getting the youthful dissenter around the neck, hitting him on the head and clearly stamping on his stomach when he tumbles to the ground.