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Mexico votes in presidential election marred by violence

Mexico votes in presidential election marred by violence

Mexicans are picking another president, after a battle damaged by a portion of the most noticeably bad political viciousness for a considerable length of time. 

In excess of 130 applicants and political laborers have been slaughtered since crusading started in September.

The presidential leader is Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, 64, the left-wing previous chairman of Mexico City who has promised to take action against debasement.

The coalition drove by his gathering, Morena, could expel the two gatherings that have represented Mexico for almost a century.

Five things to think about the decision

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Investigation by Will Grant, BBC News, Mexico 

This has been the most vicious decision crusade in Mexico in living memory. Since voting day has arrived, be that as it may, numerous Mexicans consider it to be a chance to expel the legislature that has driven the nation to this point.

A huge number of conventional Mexicans are furious at President Enrique Peña Nieto and his organization, especially finished the lazy economy and broad debasement, wrongdoing and exemption.

The man broadly anticipated that would supplant him, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador who is regularly alluded to simply by his initials Amlo, was the sprinter up in the last two presidential decisions.

He has made handling debasement the focal board of his decision stage, promising to enhance wages and annuities by stamping out wild misuse by the state and the political and business elites.

His rivals, including the middle right hopeful, Ricardo Anaya, have attempted to paint him as a populist and a risky free thinker who can't be trusted with the economy.

Most surveys recommend, in any case, that a greater part of voters have not tuned in to that message and are set up to hand Mr Lopez Obrador the administration, third time around.

How is race day unfurling? 

Somewhere in the range of 88 million individuals are qualified to vote, and will pick a president as well as 128 representatives and 500 delegates in Congress and also state and neighborhood authorities.

Manuel Sanchez, a road merchant in Mexico City, said he trusted it would be an open, straightforward challenge.

"We trust the legislature doesn't intercede in these decisions, that the general population go out and vote uninhibitedly, and that the administration doesn't confer extortion," he said.

A tremendous group assembled outside the surveying station in Mexico City's Tlalpan area to watch Mr Lopez Obrador make his choice.

He called the decision "noteworthy" and told correspondents: "We speak to the likelihood of genuine change".

His nearest match appears to be Mr Anaya who heads an inside right coalition. The contender for the representing PRI party is José Antonio Meade, a previous fund serve. 

What is in question? 

On the off chance that Mr Lopez Obrador wins this time, he will end the predominance in Mexican governmental issues of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the National Action Party (PAN).

He has alluded to them as being a piece of the same "mafia of intensity".

Mexico is the second biggest economy in Latin America and a noteworthy oil exporter. In any case, oil costs have dropped and the Mexican cash, the peso, has fallen pointedly against the dollar.

Over 40% of the populace lives in neediness. Large amounts of debasement and brutality have driven a few organizations to haul out of the most exceedingly awful influenced territories.

On Saturday, a writer was shot dead in a bar in the town of Saban in the southern province of Quintana Roo, authorities said. 

Mexico has a notoriety for being a standout amongst the most unsafe nations on the planet for columnists.

Would mexico be able to spare its columnists? 

Shot in the wake of researching her little girl's passing