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World Cup 2018: The bizarre trophy presentation caps tournament

World Cup 2018: The bizarre trophy presentation caps tournament

The World Cup is over for an additional four years and the competition's excellent finale didn't disillusion. 

France won the greatest prize in football for the second time by beating Croatia 4-2 of every an exciting last in Moscow. 

Be that as it may, once the last shriek had gone, the disorder of the introduction service got going... in the long run. 

It took over 20 minutes after the finish of the counterpart for the trophy to rise up out of the passage, leaving the groups to stand clumsily on the pitch anticipating the service. 

Having just had a contribute intrusion before the match, the Russian coordinators were obviously playing it safe with security. 

Previous Germany chief Philipp Lahm conveyed the famous trophy onto the pitch and the customs could continue. 

Russia president Vladimir Putin, France president Emmanuel Macron and Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, the Croatia president, arrived onto the field with whatever remains of the introduction party. 

What's more, with that, the tempest that had been undermining to break the entire match ejected. 

Putin didn't appear to be annoyed - presumably on the grounds that he had a man holding an umbrella over his head the entire time, while his French and Croatian partners were getting drenched. 

Neither Macron nor Grabar-Kitarovic seemed to mind. They were caught up with grasping every player exclusively - paying little heed to nationality - and they were by all accounts completely living it up. 

Once the formal decoration giving had finished, it was the ideal opportunity for the trophy to be given to France commander Hugo Lloris. 

The players were balanced, the camera administrators were in position and the trophy was prepared to be lifted. 

This is the minute that will be everywhere on each news notice on the planet - don't botch it up. 

What's more, what happens? The camera's perspective of Lloris' pivotal turning point was clouded by men in suits strolling past at the correct minute he raised the World Cup over his head. 

Some place in Moscow, there's a Russian TV executive shouting into a cushion. 

With everything taken into account, it was a fairly confounding end to what was a magnificently erratic World Cup. 

Furthermore, the rain which caused the gold ticker-tape to adhere to the players' skin has no uncertainty given daily papers all finished Europe some type of "brilliant age" feature for Monday's papers.