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Bangladesh violence: Armed men attack US envoy's cars amid protests

Bangladesh violence: Armed men attack US envoy's cars amid protests

Equipped men assaulted an escort of autos conveying the US emissary to Bangladesh in the capital Dhaka on Saturday night, US authorities said. 

Represetative Marcia Bernicat and her security group could escape safe, yet two autos were harmed.

It comes as a large number of understudies and school youngsters proceed with seven days in length challenge calling for more secure streets.

Police utilized poisonous gas to scatter swarms on Sunday. No less than 50 dissidents have likewise been harmed in road assaults.

Nearby media detailed that political activists having a place with the representing party beat understudies walking towards their workplaces. 

The understudies were requesting to know why dissidents were assaulted on Saturday, in conflicts which left handfuls harmed.

The US represetative censured the brutality.

"Nothing can legitimize the merciless assaults and savagery throughout the end of the week against the a huge number of youngsters who have been calmly practicing their law based rights," an announcement on the international safe haven's Facebook page said.

"The quiet exhibits of the previous week for better vehicle and street wellbeing, driven by understudies and school youngsters crosswise over Bangladesh, have joined together and caught the creative ability of the entire nation." 

How hosts the representing gathering reacted? 

Obaidul Quader, general secretary of the Awami League, told columnists that gathering activists acted in self-protection as the understudies assaulted first. 

"Will we kiss them on the off chance that they progress towards Awami League office?" he said. 

Government authorities have required a conclusion to the dissents. Leader Sheik Hasina encouraged nonconformists to remain at home. 

"Whatever they have done is sufficient," she stated, including that police had started seven days in length battle to convey teach to the streets. 

In the mean time Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan cautioned that the tolerance of law authorization officers with the nonconformists was wearing meager. 

"Indeed, even we have a farthest point. We will make a move if that farthest point is surpassed," he said. 

What are the challenges about? 

Youngsters rampaged calmly after a kid and young lady were killed by a speeding transport last Sunday, regardless of rehashed calls from the legislature for them to return home. 

In the course of recent days, unidentified men in protective caps conveying sticks and metal bars have assaulted dissenters and columnists. Neighborhood media have faulted bunches connected to the Awami League. 

Witnesses have told the BBC that anybody discovered recording the conflicts, including columnists, have been beaten and had their hardware pulverized. 

The legislature blocked 3G and 4G web benefits for 24 hours on Saturday evening in light of the challenges, with youngsters grumbling this is to stop them arranging and sharing their activities. 

Dissidents, some as youthful as 13, have been ceasing movement on Dhaka's famously stopped up roads to check vehicles and drivers have substantial records previously giving them a chance to drive on.