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Thailand cave rescue: Boys 'could be in cave for months'

Thailand cave rescue: Boys 'could be in cave for months'

Twelve young men and their football mentor caught in a Thai surrender are alive, yet should figure out how to jump or sit tight months for flooding to retreat before they can get out, the armed force says. 

The gathering had been absent for nine days before they were found by jumpers late on Monday on a little dry edge.

Rescuers are presently fighting rising water to convey more supplies to the gathering.

They may need nourishment sent in for in any event the following four months, as indicated by the military.

Endeavors were being made to introduce power and phone lines inside the give in to let the young men talk with their folks, Chiang Rai Governor Narongsak Osotthanakon said.

How were they found? 

Two British rescuer jumpers who had flown over to join the pursuit task found the young men on Monday night.

The video of that first contact was posted on Facebook by Thai Navy SEAL unique powers.

The young men are seen by torchlight sitting on an edge above water, reacting to the jumpers that each of the 13 were there and that they were exceptionally eager.

Thailand cheers as young men found 

The Brits who found the gathering alive 

The hours after the young men were found

They ask to what extent they have been underground and whether they can leave now. The jumpers reveal to them they need to pause, yet say individuals will return for them. 

One kid answers: "Goodness. See you tomorrow."

The scan for the gathering had grasped the country as it was misty where they were or whether they even were as yet alive.

Groups of the missing gathering were elate at news of the save.

How could they arrive? 

The young men, matured in the vicinity of 11 and 16, and their 25-year-old mentor disappeared on 23 June. It's trusted they entered the give in when it was dry and sudden overwhelming downpours hindered the exit.

They were found on a stone retire around 4km (2.5 miles) from the mouth of the give in.

It is thought the young men could travel through parts of the collapse dry conditions yet hurrying waters obstructed the tight sections with mud and trash, blocking perceivability and access.

One of the hardest stretches for the jumpers came as they neared supposed Pattaya Beach - a lifted hill in the surrender complex - where it was trusted the young men had looked for shelter.

Jumpers needed to explore a progression of sharp, restricted curves in close obscurity. They finished the troublesome excursion to discover Pattaya Beach overwhelmed, so swam on and found the young men around 400m away.

How might they get out? 

Conveying the caught young men to security is a to a great degree risky undertaking given the conditions inside.

The Tham Luang buckle complex in Chiang Rai in northern Thailand is routinely overflowed amid the blustery season which keeps going until September or October.

On the off chance that the youngsters are to be brought out before at that point, they should learn fundamental jumping aptitudes.

Yet, specialists have advised that taking unpracticed jumpers through the unsafe halls of sloppy, no ability to see waters would be extremely hazardous.

By what means will rescuers free the Thai young men? 

What to do to survive underground 

Nine long periods of expectation - pictures from the inquiry 

Endeavors to pump the water levels bring down have so far not been fruitful.

On the off chance that they are to hold up until the point that the water subsides independent from anyone else, it would mean the young men should remain in the give in for a considerable length of time and must be constantly provided with nourishment and help.

Extraordinarily prepared specialists will go in to do therapeutic checks in the coming days to set up their condition and treat conceivable wounds.

BBC South East Asia journalist Jonathan Head, who is at the scene, said the Thai military has a couple of specialists with the jumping aptitudes required to contact them.

"Be that as it may, notwithstanding when they recoup their quality, pulling them back through miles of halfway overwhelmed passages will be an overwhelming test. Furthermore, the stormy season has quite recently begun here - water levels will rise," he said.

Different groups are as yet scouring the mountainside in the desire for finding another path in to the surrender.

Who are they? 

The 12 young men are on the whole individuals from a neighborhood football group and their mentor is known to have taken them on incidental journeys and field trips.

Tinnakorn Boonpiem, whose 12-year-old child Mongkol is among the 13, disclosed to AFP news organization close to the caverns she was "so happy" to hear they were sheltered.

"I need him to be physically and rationally fit," she said.

"I'm so cheerful I can't articulate it," another relative of one of one of the gathering told columnists as tears of bliss gushed down his cheeks.