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Leighton Meester's tragic real-life story

Leighton Meester's tragic 
real-life story

Leighton Meester seems to have everything, including a fruitful acting and music vocation, a strong marriage with The O.C. star Adam Brody, and a charming girl named Arlo. Despite the fact that she's outstanding for assuming the part of the uber-rich Blair Waldorf on the hit arrangement Gossip Girl, Meester's genuine is a long way from picture-idealize.

From the time she was conceived — while her mom was serving time for medicate sneaking — through her developmental years in a shelter and crude rentals, the performer has persevered through unbelievable money related and passionate hardship. Her association with her mother has been a bad dream that incorporates court fights over cash and care of her younger sibling. Her sentimental history is overflowing with hardship and forlornness, as well. Meester has straightforwardly conceded through meetings and songwriting that her sparkling Hollywood life has, on occasion, been an entire veneer.

Here is the deplorable truth about her grievous life.